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Cafe Rue Orleans offers a relaxed, casual atmosphere for family dining with a truly New Orleans flair. The owners are committed to using authentic New Orleans products combined with the chef’s personal recipes: Fresh Louisiana Gulf Oysters, bread from Gambino’s, Boscoli olive salad, Louisiana hot sauce, fresh andouille from South Louisiana, and many more Louisiana products. This is not an imitation or fast food restaurant. This is the real thing.

Culinary Artistry Runs in the Family

Icebox in Cafe Rue

The Icebox

Chef and co-owner, Maudie Schmitt, has an extensive restaurant heritage. Grandparents on both sides of her family were restaurant and bar owners in the greater New Orleans area. Her mother was born on Tchoupitoulas Street in an apartment above the family restaurant in what has been declared by the historic committee as the oldest townhouse in New Orleans. A mirrored window pane from that building hangs in Cafe Rue Orleans and serves as a reminder of Maudie’s restaurant ancestry.

Maudie learned to cook from the many great chef’s in her own lively family. She was always encouraged to be creative in the kitchen and has become a true culinary artist. Some of her favorite memories were made around the family kitchen table, laughing, talking and sharing recipes. Serving good food to people is Maudie’s way of bringing her family history to your table.

You can’t get more Authentic than New Orleans Heritage

Born and raised in New Orleans, Maudie graduated from a local high school. She attended Henderson State College in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, and returned to New Orleans to begin her teaching career. After a few years, she relocated to Lafayette, Louisiana, where she taught special education for 23 years….

But she never stopped cooking! She catered special events throughout her teaching career and finally decided to retire from teaching and open a restaurant. She always loved Arkansas and chose to move to Fayetteville for an adventure. And what an adventure it has been! Cafe Rue Orleans opened on January 10, 2001, and has been blessed with much success.

Bringing it “To the Table”

Cuisine of Cafe Rue

Cuisine of Cafe Rue

Maudie’s partner, co-owner, Carla Williams, also has restaurant family history. Born and raised in Camden, Arkansas, Carla grew up with a similar background. Carla’s grandfather, who hailed from New Orleans, owned a local restaurant. She spent much of her childhood and young adulthood helping out.

But as fate would have it, cooking did not develop into an art form for Carla as it had for Maudie. Carla had much more interest in how the business ran. Carla completed a Masters Degree in Social Work and worked for many years in the mental health profession, but always wanted to own her own business. As childhood friends with such complementary talents, Carla and Maudie were fated to bring their diverse capabilities “to the table.”

Sixteen Years and Going Strong

And so, Cafe Rue Orleans was originated. Come in, enjoy what Carla and Maudie and their protegés bring to the table. Laugh, talk, share recipes and delight in an authentic New Orleans dining experience.